Benefits of Using Third Party Administration

  • Client-Customer interaction remains intact;
  • Interclaims becomes point of contact for all negative turn-outs enabling your company to be the "hero";
  • All customer accommodations and recommendations are company advised


Administrative Functions

  • Assemble and maintain complete electronic and physical files for internal use and potential subsequent submission to counsel;
  • Maintain regular and particularized spreadsheets for accounting;
  • Issue claim payments to customers;
  • Issue payments to surveyors and vendors;
  • Maintain regular and particularized claims reports for all open claims;
  • Issue period account reviews relative to claim volume, claim payments, times for claim resolution, and LAE figures;
  • Archive closed claim files (electronically and/or physical file) and maintain as required/desired.


Substantive Functions

  • Receive and acknowledge claim to client and claimant;
  • Issue notice to responsible third-parties to preserve indemnity recourse rights as may exist;
  • Review facts of loss, dispatch real-time surveyor, if prudent, via worldwide network;
  • Request and collect relevant documents and information from client, claimant, and/or third-party vendors;
  • Analyze potential exposure under applicable law and contract terms;
  • Establish, regularly review, and update/maintain recommended indemnity and LAE reserve figures;
  • Thoroughly investigate and witness testimony;
  • Develop strategy and tactics for claim resolution;
  • Adjust claim pursuant to applicable law, contract terms and proof of loss;
  • Engage responsible third-parties for claim payment funding/contribution;
  • Provide respectful claim adjustment explanation to claimant explaining the "why" of claim result;
  • Settle claim, tender funds, tender claim to legal counsel when necessary;
  • Notify client of glaring omissions or flaws in form document portfolio or operational procedure and commensurate exposures.