Filing a Claim

To file a claim electronically, please refer to the instructions from your provider or contact one of our agents at for instructions.

In order to expedite the claims process, please gather all shipping documents and supporting claim documentation prior to submitting your claim. Expected documents include legible copies of the following, (as applicable);

  • bills of lading;
  • commercial invoice/original purchase invoice;
  • packing list;
  • freight invoice;
  • customs entry documentation;
  • ​claim correspondence.

Checking Claim Status

To check the status of your claim, please have your claim number and access code available and use the link below.

​For additional questions or concerns, please email your claim agent directly. 

Company Administrators

Kimberlee A. Countryman

Sr. Claims Agent

Maria E. Hernandez

Sr. Claims Agent

Christoph M. Wahner

Executive Vice President; Legal Oversight